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CryptoIndex Limited - Bitcoin Investment Platform

Discussion in 'Others' started by aditya016, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. aditya016

    aditya016 Member

    Sep 16, 2017
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    Welcome to CRYPTOINDEX!

    One of the biggest advantages of bitcoin is its volatility - the high amplitude of the fluctuations, as you can buy them cheap and sell dear on specialized exchanges. Many are beginning to trade bitcoins on their own and fail because they don't know all the intricacies of working with this digital currency and don't think about the strategy or they just don't have enough knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency.
    If you are tired of working 12 hours a day with an inconvenient schedule, that investment in CRYPTOINDEX LIMITED this is the best choice for you. Why should you invest in our company? Because bitcoin is not only present, but also the rapidly developing future in which we will open the door for you. The new people every day are starting to work with us and they become successful and get a lot of money.
    CRYPTOINDEX LIMITED trust, because we employ only qualified and proven employees: bitcoin miners, analysts, traders and financial experts who will efficiently do their work. The two main functions of our activity consist of mining bitcoins and its trading.
    Experts of CRYPTOINDEX LIMITED constantly engaged in monitoring the exchanges to calculate the optimum time of buying and selling bitcoin. This gives us the opportunity to earn as much as possible, and spend as little as possible. Sales are made at such world-renowned exchanges like Bitfinex, Bitstamp and others.
    Investments of our company are necessary for further development: purchase of computer systems and servers for mining, and creating your own that will bring us additional income. And we are trying to make bitcoin more popular in post Soviet countries.
    Invest with CRYPTOINDEX LIMITED and be confident in the future. Your choice is your success tomorrow!

    Our Certificate​

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    Investment Plans​

    1. 8% Daily Forever
    Min. 0.001 BTC
    Max. 10 BTC

    2. 9% Daily Forever
    Min. 10.001 BTC
    Max. 25 BTC

    3. 10% Daily Forever
    Min. 25.001 BTC
    Max. 50 BTC

    4. 12% Daily Forever
    Min. 50.001 BTC
    Max. 100 BTC

    5. 15% Daily Forever
    Min. 100.001 BTC
    Max. 500 BTC

    Referral Comission​

    1st Level : 5%
    2nd Level : 1%

    Invest Now : Please login or register to view links
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