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New Site Abrahabra - First Social Network, that shares its value with members

Discussion in 'Others' started by drak0n, Oct 19, 2018.

  1. drak0n

    drak0n Member

    Sep 25, 2018
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    Abrahabra - First Social Network, that shares its value with members!

    How does it work:
    Register==>Invite People==>Get Shares==>Sell Shares==>Get Cash.
    Invite 1000-2000 new members and earn a car.
    Invite 100-200 new members and earn motorcycle.
    Invite 10-20 new members and earn a mobile phone.
    Invite 1 000 000 new members and earn a plane!

    Note: Abrahabra is a Social Network; you don't need to invest; chat, share, have fun with Abrahabra!!

    ShareHolding Program:
    ShreHolding Program allows any member to OWN a part of the Company's value.
    When you invire your friends, you actually increase the monetary value of the Company. In return, The Company gives you back SHARE coupons (shares in the Company), which represent 50% of the value you create for the Company.
    Each share coupon is your right to the value of an actual share in the Company.
    If total market value of all members you invited is $100,000, then the Company will give you back the amount of Share coupons worth $50,000.

    Share Coupon:
    Share Coupon is your right to the value of one share in the Company. You can think of it as a voucher.

    How and when can you sell your Share coupons?
    1. When the number of ACTIVE members will exceed 5 million, the Company will launch the Trading platform, that will allow members to trade Share coupons between each other.
    2. From time to time, the Company will offer to BUY out a certain amount of share coupons from its members. The Company will listed the PRICE and the number of Share coupons it is prepared to buy.
    3. When the Company becomes a "Publically Traded Company" (IPO), members can DIRECT the Company to sell their Share coupons to the market.

    Note: The number of shares will be equal to the number of site's members times ten.
    Do NOT expect immediate returns. Just BE patient and understand that you are getting Shares in the Company, the value of which will grow with the value of the Company.

    Withdraw Options:
    Google Wallet;
    Amazon Payments;
    Direct Depozit to your bank account.

    Thank you in advance.
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