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[ANN][PRE-ICO] SKY[NAV]PRO : Navigate To The In-Flight Revolution

Discussion in 'Other Coins News' started by cyro, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. cyro

    cyro Newbie

    Aug 1, 2018
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    About Sky[nav]pro :

    Please login or register to view links is an aviation solution for pilots, manned and

    unmanned aircraft operators. It features a light and portable box which integrates the Android or iOS devices (free Apps)

    into a worldwide hybrid communication network. Thus, it allows to integrate two-way communication, real time reception of

    weather information, live tracking and collision avoidance into a moving navigation app.

    Please login or register to view links is becoming blockchain based and employs open source

    interfaces for seamless integration of third-party providers.

    Why skynavpro?

    Already the legal requirements are quite complex but will increase its complexity and formal regulations in the

    future even more to make collision avoidance, communication, as well as tracking more transparent and safer.
    Please login or register to view links, the worldwide first interconnected Avionic System for

    pilots (>1.2 Mio. worldwide) and aircraft operators (> 0.5 Mio. aircraft worldwide) in General Aviation (GA). sky[nav]pro™

    consists of the following elements:

    Network :

    Satellite communication and navigation, (ADS-B) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), secondary radar, FLARM.

    Webportal/App :

    Free online Flight planning Apps for Navigation Book relevant Services.

    Own Hardware :

    Communication, In-Flight Weather, Tracking & Aircraft Monitoring, Collision avoidance

    Sky[nav]pro Token (SNP) :

    SNP is sky[nav]pro™`s native ICO token. SNP is an Ethereum based ERC20 token. There is a total of 400 million SNP tokens.

    60% SNP tokens will be offered for sale via the ICO. The new SNP Aviation Token will be used as the payment methods for

    all sky[nav]pro™ transactions within our network worldwide. Payments to the platform apart from SNPs can also be made in

    SNPs convertible fiat currencies, such as EUR/USD/CHF, in addition to SNPs. The integrated exchange API converts fiat

    currency payments into SNP in a seamless user experience. The end-user is able to use the system with normal currency or

    crypto, without being a crypto currency expert. SNP Aviation Token will be used, not only for service fees, but also for

    weather data purchases, online tracking fees, landing fees, fueling and all other transactions across the aviation sector.

    By adding early-bird advantages to SNP Token holders, such as discounts to the value-added-services they need in-flight,

    we are sure the value of the SNP token will increase significantly!

    Sign Up And Register For The Pre-Sale & Get 50% discount :

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    ICO Details:

    Pre- Sale Date: Running until 31st December 2018.
    Pre-Sale Token Price: 0.035$ Per SNP (50% Bonus)
    ICO 1st Stage Date: Running until 15 Feb 2019.
    ICO 1st Stage Token Price: 0.045$ Per SNP (35% Bonus)
    ICO 2nd Stage Date: Running until 15 Feb 2019.
    ICO 2nd Stage Token Price: 0.070$ Per SNP
    Total Tokens Available : 400,000,000 SNP
    HardCap : 9000000 USD

    As SNP is a true utility token under German regulations and we already have a working product we do not require a SoftCap.

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