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New Site Binex - New Exchange - 5 BEX Token Free

Discussion in 'Others' started by bitcoinman, May 22, 2018.

  1. bitcoinman

    bitcoinman Newbie

    Oct 11, 2017
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    1. What is BINEX?

    In the emerging cryptocurrency industry, it is important to cater to the demands of traders for a cryptocurrency trading exchange. Therefore, BINEX provides a user-friendly platform for new traders. It is a cryptocurrency exchange that enables users to trade multiple cryptocurrencies against BTC, USDT and native token BEX.

    2. What is unique about BINEX trading exchange?

    At BINEX, traders get multiple currency pairs for exchange against BTC, USDT and BEX. It also shares 70% commission earned on trading with token owners on a daily basis.

    3. What is BEX Token?

    BEX is a real utility token based on ERC20 (Ethereum) that is offered by BINEX.TRADE to its investors in the crowd sale supplemented with various features.

    The token price of 1BEX = 1USD = 1ERC20.

    4. What is a key takeaway for the investors?

    BINEX is the first crypto-currency exchange that shares its trading fees with its token holders. It shares 70% commission earned on trading with the token holders on a daily basis.

    5. Can users across all countries buy BEX token?


    6. Features:

    margin trading

    BINEX opens a gateway for lenders and traders to get maximum out of the trading process. This allows a user to open a position with up to 2x to 3x leverage. The lending amount is provided in two ways: either the borrower places the amount of fund needed with the duration and rate of one’s choice or let the BINEX.TRADE system take out funds for the user at the most efficient rate at that opportune time once the user opens a position for trade.
    spot trading

    BINEX provides space for immediate buying and selling of cryptocurrency once spotted to be favourable for the user to either sell or buy. This is one of the simple order types and has no control over the price received. In other conditions of less immediacy, the user can use limit order type. This will allow the trade user to have control over the price at which the trade takes place, thereby giving the user an edge to sell or buy the cryptocurrency at no less than a specific price.

    multiple currency pairs

    BINEX offers unique pairing set for cryptocurrencies with BTC, BEX, USDT that makes BINEX.TRADE an exclusively dedicated platform for exchange thereby setting a new trend of trading amongst the crypto traders.

    Primary Pairs BTC, BEX, USDT.


    BINEX security system operates on a state-of-the-art digital infrastructure. It has a multi-cluster system architecture that functions on a multi-tier platform that provides high-end security to every single transaction made at the exchange. The complete trade cycle on BINEX.TRADE has been designed with end-to-end security measures and improved auditing processes.

    7. Video

    8. Roadmap:

    9th march 18
    Crowd Sale

    30th april 18
    UI Design

    15th may 18
    Mobile APP
    design released

    8th july 18

    8th august 18

    New Token Symbol: BEX

    Free Token: 5 BEX

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