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Sell FGScript v1 with SL Wall Integrated

Discussion in 'Faucet Script & Addon' started by Black Nation, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. Black Nation

    Black Nation Newbie

    Dec 15, 2018
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    SL Wall Integrated Version 150$View DemoLogin/Register/Pass recoverLottery (hourly/daily)Multi coin faucet (+ forced shortlink if you want)Multi coin autofaucet (set as many timers/and payouts you want / + api keys rotates)Tasks/Shortlinks(SL Wall)WebminerUsers levelsCountry multiplier for faucet claimsMultiple captcha (user can choose any)2nd captcha on faucet after X claimsAuto lock user after X 2nd captcha fails.You can add unique and all view shortlinks + views for every link.You can add all coins from faucethub (no need to wait for script update)Min withdraws for every coinMax withdraws for every coinOr withdraws go to pending and admin send manualIPhub check (+ cache , so you dont need to buy a premium key)Autolock user for multile accountsUser cant add wallets from more Faucethub accountsUser cant make multiple accounts with wallets linked to same faucethub accountNext Updates Planned for Core VersionTelegram bot (get notifications on mobile , when someone request a payment for example)Blog (for SEO + increase your site organic traffic)Top faucets list (fh api) (earn referral commisions from other sites)New TemplatesBONUS!ChatBro chat + bot15.000 ptc views to boost your site startCooladmin template integratedAdminUser profileUser lock/unlockUser ban/unbanCountry/ips change logFaucet/tasks logsBanned/Locked users logsSearch userMore features will be added if are requested from more users on next updates.Get 10% if you referr a friend to buy the Core versionGet 5% for every addon

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