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Buy FGScrpt v1 with SL Wall features

Discussion in 'Faucet Script & Addon' started by Black Nation, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. Black Nation

    Black Nation Newbie

    Dec 15, 2018
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    Core Version With SL Wall Features Add-on 100$
    • Login/Register/Pass recover
    • Lottery (hourly/daily)
    • Multi coin faucet (+ forced shortlink if you want)
    • Multi coin autofaucet (set as many timers/and payouts you want / + api keys rotates)
    • Tasks/Shortlinks(SL wall Features)
    • Webminer
    • Users levels
    • Country multiplier for faucet claims
    • Multiple captcha (user can choose any)
    • 2nd captcha on faucet after X claims
    • Auto lock user after X 2nd captcha fails.
    • You can add unique and all view shortlinks + views for every link.
    • You can add all coins from faucethub (no need to wait for script update)
    • Min withdraws for every coin
    • Max withdraws for every coin
    • Or withdraws go to pending and admin send manual
    • Phub check (+ cache , so you dont need to buy a premium key)
    • Autolock user for multile accounts
    • User cant add wallets from more Faucethub accounts
    • User cant make multiple accounts with wallets linked to same faucethub account Admin:
    • User profile
    • User lock/unlock
    • User ban/unban
    • Country/ips change log
    • Faucet/tasks logs
    • Banned/Locked users logs
    • Search user More features will be added if are requested from more users on next updates. Add-ons
    • Dice Game - 25$
    • Coinflip game- 19$
    • Offerwall (including admin backend) - 89$ 119$
    • Shortlink PTC - 59$ INFO
    • You will get every update of the Core version (or Addon) for as long this project is alive .
    • The script is not encoded like other faucet scripts, so you can update the backend .
    • You get 2 months support after every update. (support, NOT CUSTOM CHANGES on script!)
    • You are not allowed to sell the script or share the script with nobody.
    • Get 10% if you referr a friend to buy the Core version
    • Get 5% for every addon @ Send a email to cryptostartpoint // gmail // com

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