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I know that this is a trusted escort service.

Discussion in 'Others' started by john1988, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. john1988

    john1988 Newbie

    Sri Lanka
    Mar 20, 2018
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    I know that this is a trusted escort service. PinkDate is the first anonymously-operated, world-wide escorting service that combines screening, booking, and payment in a single platform.

    The Escorting Market Space Escorting and sex-related services are estimated to be over $157B annually worldwide, with at least $10B per year in North America alone.

    Despite the size of this market, there are no large national or international agencies or platforms. The only options for escorts are to either operate independently and handle everything on their own, or work with small single-location agencies which take as much as 40% in fees.

    Operating independently is very risky and inefficient. Escorting is inherently an inefficient, fragmented market, given the numerous steps that need to be executed by both the client and escort in order to secure a successful date.

    For example, clients often spend a great deal of time searching for and

    communicating with escorts to find a suitable match, on top of providing personal information to ensure the escort’s safety.

    Escorts must then spend time researching the clients through various means (social media, Google, references, etc.) in order to ensure the client is safe. Before a date even happens, both the client and escort have spent a several hours attempting to negotiate a date.

    The PinkDate Escorting Platform provides a safe, secure and low-cost solution to all those concerns, problems and inefficiencies. Our platform is engineered, built and poised to become a global market player, starting first with Canada and immediately expanding to the larger cities in the USA with expansion to a few other countries by Month 18.

    They will do strict validation of escort age using their own software. For more info you can simply visit Please login or register to view links
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