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OkNet - $100 Sign Up Now - World’s Biggest Cryptocurrency

Discussion in 'Others' started by bitcoinman, May 26, 2018.

  1. bitcoinman

    bitcoinman Newbie

    Oct 11, 2017
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    Take your place among the world’s biggest cryptocurrency investors here in OkNet $100 Sign Up Now

    Sign up now to get $100 to use on exchange fees.

    About Us
    OkNet is a digital crypto to crypto exchange market place. We provide 1000+ coin pair for trading among the markets for our users. What makes Oknet different from other markets is the professionality of our employees and the quality of our services for our customers without exception.

    Fast Trade
    With it’s simple yet feature rich user interface, trading on Oknet Exchange is lightning fast. You won’t miss any chance to profit from the rising or falling crypto trends.

    Low Fees
    In OkNet Exchange, you will find our trading fees range only between 0.1% - 0.2%. Oknet will offer special tokens for trading only to even lower your trading fees.

    No matter where you are, with our distributed server network, you will get the best performance from our exchange.

    OkNet Exchange resides on one of the most secure servers that todays technology allow. Tested constanly by professionals for penetration or other hack methods.

    Friendly UI
    OkNet’s user interface was designed to be the easiest trading interface to learn. Whether if you are a long time trading professional or a newcomer to the trading world, you will be able to learn all of the exchange’s features in no time.

    Quality Support
    OkNet genuinely values customer satisfaction. Our professional support team is working around the clock to give the best quality support to our customers within the same day.

    Listing continuously searching for promising high quality projects for listing in all kind of sectors. If you have solid project with the promise of the betterment in the area of your expertise, established and active community, and the determination to your project, you can apply to us about listing your project in our exchange.
    We require the following to be prepared:

    Project Website
    Team details (with linkedin links)
    a fuctional product (if it’s ready)
    Github repository
    Project tread on Bitcointalk
    Social media (twitter, telegram and others if there are)

    Also be prepared for our questions if there are about your project when we do a background search of your project. We will inform you after the background search is complete about whether we accept or decline your application.

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