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Updates on member's ranking system

Discussion in 'Forum's Notices And News' started by tungaqhd, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. tungaqhd

    tungaqhd Admin Staff Member

    Sep 4, 2017
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    Việt Nam <3
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    Hello, i am making some change in member's ranking system of Forum, you will see your Points decrease !

    New member ranking system:
    I want to make this forum like other forums with member ranking system, but there willl be some differents. It will not be based on your post only, you need both likes and post, so never beg for likes !
    • Newbie: Just join the forum and don't have much points
    • Member: Make at least 25 posts and receive at least 1 like
    • Full Member: Make at least 50 posts and receive at least 10 likes
    • Senior Member: Make at least 300 posts and receive at least 40 likes
    I also want to introduce Medals system:
    You will awarded medals by me if i see you are a good member: always help other members or having a good post history ;)

    And i need some moderators for Forum, you can prevent spammers and help newbies, move threads to right board,... just reply your skill here.

    More things will be added here, i want to build a good forum and i really need your helps,
    Thank you
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